Bulletlink awarded permanent injunction against Techcruiser.com

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McDole Williams is proud to announce that its client, Bulletlink, has been awarded a permanent injunction against rival Techcruiser.com. Bulletlink offers a popular content management system (“CMS”) that provides companies and individuals the ability to publish newspapers and other periodicals online.

McDole Williams represented Bulletlink’s owner, Salim Sindhi, in a lawsuit against Kunal R. Raina, in the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (3-15-cv-3229). According to the Complaint, Mr. Raina was employed as a manger by Bulletlink from 2009-2012, during which time he misappropriated Bulletlink’s source code and other confidential information and used it to start his competing business, named Techcruiser. Mr. Raina was also accused of using Bulletlink’s customer lists to divert business to his new company.

Sindhi sued Raina for copyright infringement and violation of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act and applied for a Permanent Injunction against further use of its confidential materials. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas recently issued a Permanent injunction against Raina. Among other activities, the Permanent Injunction prohibits Raina from possessing, publishing, disclosing or utilizing in any form or for any purpose the trade secrets, including the source code used by Raina to generate and operate the TechCruiser Content Management System, as well as the customer lists, customer data and business model that Raina misappropriated from Bulletlink.

The Court also permanently enjoined Raina, on a worldwide basis, from manufacturing, using, utilizing, exploiting, marketing, promoting, advertising, selling, licensing, distributing, offering for sale, soliciting customers, receiving or accepting payment from customers, or in any other way dealing with any CMS products or services.

A copy of the Permanent Injunction is available here.

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