About Us

We are trial lawyers who focus our skills on helping clients resolve commercial disputes. We have a wealth of experience practicing in all areas of complex and high stakes litigation, such as antitrust, patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, business disputes, employment and regulatory compliance, securities, class action, and trademark and copyright infringement cases.  As trial lawyers, we approach every case from the perspective that it will go to trial.  We tailor everything we do with eye toward developing and presenting a winning story to a jury.  Of course, not all cases will get to a jury.  But by preparing each case with that goal in mind, we are better able to obtain favorable results for our clients.


Our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their business objectives in a cost efficient and results effective manner. Perhaps your intellectual property has been taken.  Or your company has been sued.  Maybe an employee has stolen your trade secrets.  Your company needs a skilled trial lawyer and you cannot afford to lose.  You must manage the situation, contain your company’s exposure, and make sure the costs do not escalate out of control.  We strive to deliver the highest quality services, proven results, and value-driven fee arrangements for our clients.