E-Commerce and Trademarks

Our intellectual property attorneys have broad experience in handling patent, trademark, copyright law, and unfair competition cases. We can assist your company in protecting its inventions, brands and identity with carefully crafted strategies against sellers of counterfeit or “knockoff” products, particularly those sold through online markets like Amazon and e-Bay. We will guide you through every step of the process including the registration of new copyrights or trademarks, notification campaigns directed at retailers or other unauthorized sellers, and litigation when necessary to enforce your rights in court. If you are already experiencing issues with infringement, we will meet with you to create an enforcement campaign geared to achieve the unique goals you have for protecting your business.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Steve Williams or Zac Duffy at (214) 979-1122 or by email at swilliams@mcdolewililams.com and zduffy@mcdolewilliams.com.

Our practice includes the following:

  • Applications for new Copyrights or Trademarks
  • Elimination of Counterfeit or “KnockOff” Products
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Software License Agreements
  • Patent, Trademark and Trade Secret Litigation