Intellectual Property Litigation

Most Intellectual Property cases, whether they involve claims of patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, or trademark or copyright infringement, involve complicated technical issues. We understand that the key to success in these cases is the ability to communicate these concepts in such a way that the average juror can appreciate and understand the issues.  Our team of trial lawyers are experienced in combining proven successful trial strategies and skillful advocacy to present our clients’ positions in a clear and convincing manner.

Our lawyers have enforced and defended all types of intellectual property matters in courts across the country. The Firm has successfully assisted clients in protecting and enforcing their valuable patent rights, resulting in sizable recoveries from numerous infringers.  The Firm has also successfully defended companies whether targeted by Non Practicing Entities or sued by competitors. Our lawyers routinely appear in the Eastern District of Texas, as well as other courts with patent-heavy dockets.  In addition, we frequently argue cases in other forums including in arbitrations and alternative dispute forums; in proceedings before the International Trade Commission, the Patent and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and ICANN, and also appellate courts including the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

We are experienced in handling patent and other intellectual property infringement cases in such industries and areas as:


  •  Semiconductors
  •  Digital Video Systems
  •  Pharmaceutical Products
  •  Cardio-vascular catheters
  •  Ophthalmologic Products
  •  Telecommunication Equipment
  •  HVAC Air Filtration Equipment
  •  Consumer Electronics
  •  Power Converters
  •  Software Products
  •  Encryption Methods
  •  Secure Data Transmission
  •  Remote Equipment Control Devices
  •  Optical Measurement Devices
  •  Financial Products and Services
  •  Insurance Products and Services
  •  Oil Field Service Equipment
  • Environmental Safety Equipment
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Smartphone Display Technologies
  • Document Preparation and Storage Systems
  •  Internet Website Content
  •  Western Jewelry Designs
  •  Seasonal Toys and Decorative Products
  •  Packaging for Consumer Products
  •  Water Quality Monitoring Systems
  •  Photography Equipment
  •  Laser Equipment
  •  Mechanical Devices
  •  Aerospace Technologies